Everything DiSC Workplace MapLeadership development training requires you to be able to manage communication, teamwork, and an ability to ensure a harmonious workplace. The new DiSC Profile comparison report helps you do just that.

By using DiSC Profiles and Development Training as part of your leadership strategy you you will get behavioral profiles of each and every one of your participants, but the value of this knowledge does not end there. DiSC has introduced (free by the way!) the ability to produce comparison reports between any of the participants in the program.

So if you have team members who either don’t get along, or you just want to improve their working interaction, you can produce a comparison report to outline the potential differences, opportunities and strategies for improvement.

Here’s some of what you’ll recieve in the report. You will see where both team members land on the DiSC graph and what priorities they emphasize.

Then you will see a description of each of the team-member’s priorities describing the differences between each other’s styles.
DiSC Profile comparison

Then you’ll see a page for each of the differences as they are broken down with an in-depth description of what these stressors and motivators entail in their behaviors, and what it means to each team member in day to day activities and interaction.

Finally, strategies are discovered and outlined for each of the stressors and motivators that appear between the two team members, giving you a specific road map to improving the working relationship through development training.
DiSC Profile Comparison

With this powerful information available to you and your team members, you can now take actionable steps in solving problems and improving the workplace interactions and culture of your teams. CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL DiSC TRAINING OFFER

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