When it comes to marketing with LinkedIn there are many ways to make it happen, but almost all of them require you to have a good number of target market 1st connections, and the ability to message these 1st connections on a regular basis.

To do this manually is doable, and certainly an option, but in most cases, you are not in the LinkedIn marketing business. You are in your own business and don’t have all day to sit in front of the screen manually reaching out to all these connections.

So to help us on our way, there are a number of Chrome automation extensions for LinkedIn which will take much of the legwork out of the picture and automate many of the tasks required to run a good LinkedIn marketing system. These are low cost, and highly reliable, so once you have your system setup, you can implement your plan using these extensions with the click of a button, thus saving endless hours of screen time to meet your objectives.

While there are many options out there for these type of extensions, I personally use two of them, which both meet my criteria of being inexpensive, reliable, and simple to use. They are very similar in functionality, and both have reasonably good customer service, which is rare for most Chrome extensions.

The two I use are Linked Helper and Dux Soup. Full disclosure, I am also an affiliate of Dux Soup, and I would like to be one of Linked Helper, but they don’t offer a program. So, bottom line is that I do get a little something if you use my link. That being said, I love them both, and would recommend them both to you regardless.

Now here is how I use them for new connections.

I go to LinkedIn search, whether it be Sales Navigator (which I use), Business, Recruiter, or Standard, and I develop my highly niched target market using the outstanding search tools for  their 500+ million membership database. Once I have a good list, (and remember LinkedIn will only show you 1000 of the list at a time, no matter how large it is- so break it way down with the search criteria), I scrape the list of profiles, using the connection function of either automation product. You will be able to send 75-100 connection requests to 2nd and 3rd connections per day. A simple message will generate around a 20-30% positive response rate. This is done with the touch of a button each day. So you can see how quickly you can grow your list using the automation.

WARNING: While using these extensions to automate LinkedIn tasks, do not get greedy and go over the recommended daily connection or messaging limits. LinkedIn will frown upon that.

Now here is how we use the messages to market to your new 1st connection using the automation extension. Remember, LinkedIn is all about relationships, so in order to get appointments, our messages should be developed to nurture relationships leading up to the appointment. 

Develop a series of 3-5 value messages (no sales or marketing). Depending on the extension you can either just move the profile list along the messaging sequence (Linked Helper) or Tag the profiles to indicate which messages they have received so far (Dux Soup), and just choose the list to send on any given day. Again, using automation with the touch of a button, you can send around 150 personalized messages to first connections daily.

With these Chrome LinkedIn automation extensions, your LinkedIn marketing funnel can be quickly up and running, pumping out your messaging sequence in volume,  inevitably leading to all the appointments you could possibly handle. Once they are setup, it is just a matter of daily execution which should not take more than 20 minutes, as opposed to the hours per day to accomplish these same tasks manually.

The cost of these extensions is minimal as well, with both running around $15 per month with discounts for longer terms.

So, the bottom line is this. If you plan on running a LinkedIn marketing campaign with no ad spend, you can do it manually but the time cost will be astronomical. You can avoid that by using a Chrome extension to automate tasks in LinkedIn.

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