About Jack

LinkedIn Marketing Consultant

I live just south of Boston, have an MBA and have held various sales positions prior to joining the active duty military. After my military career, where I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, I transitioned to the corporate world as a trainer, with a goal of helping business owners grow. While working with other coaches, trainers and consultants I discovered the biggest challenge they faced was getting in front of more of their target market decision makers. I dedicated my time to solving that problem and the solution is the Pipeline Blitz. Now I work exclusively with clients using this marketing system or coaching them how use it. I’ve seen good talented people fail because of a lack of clients. Work with me and we won’t let that happen.     

The Compete Group Story

Compete Group has been dedicated to helping businesses crush their goals with sales and marketing success since 2011, but we didn’t always have the great marketing success we have today. In fact we struggled in our role as corporate trainers. We had a great program but we just didn’t have enough of a steady stream of clients. Since we started, our main goal was always to help businesses grow but we weren’t helping ourselves grow.

So we set out to solve that problem and we did it by developing a marketing system using the worlds largest B2B networking site – LinkedIn. The system not only worked but we found ourselves increasingly taking on clients who wanted to learn how to use the system as well.

Today, Compete Group exclusively helps our clients develop sustainable business growth by breaking through the top of the sales funnel and producing as many leads and appointments as they can handle, letting them focus on what they do best.

We’ll show you how to compete and win. We do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best – grow your business.

“Jack looked at my business and helped me turn it into a profitable company using his marketing system!”

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