Compete Group is dedicated to helping businesses crush their goals with sales and marketing success since 2011.

Since we started, our main goal has always been to help businesses grow. Through employee training, organizational development, sales and leadership development, it has always been with a vision of business growth.

Today, Compete Group helps our clients develop sustainable business growth by breaking through the top of the sales funnel and producing as many leads and appointments as they can handle and lets them focus on what they do best.

We’ll show you how to compete and win. We do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best – grow your business.


Commitment: We are committed to provide results.

Optimism: Failure is not an option for us or our clients; we approach each day with that in mind.

Motivation: Our team will demonstrate a high level of motivation to get the job done.

Professionalism: Our team will maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Effectiveness: Each project must maintain maximum effectiveness for the client.

Trustworthiness: We will “Do what we say we will do.”

Excellence: The clients success is our passion and thus, “how we measure excellence.”

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