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30 days from now, picture your business with more appointments in your pipeline than your calendar can handle. Our proven marketing system leverages LinkedIn connections, messaging and inbound marketing to let you tell your story to more buyers than ever before. Stop wondering where your next sale is coming from.

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“Working with Compete Group on our marketing campaign has given us results far beyond our expectations. The quality, service, and their knowledge in the space has resulted in a 10X difference in our appointments with quality prospects. Their service has paid for itself many times over.” CJ Flaherty

President, Loyola Media Group

“Working with Compete Group was one of the best business decisions we have made.  We were told we would have a steady stream of appointments per month and it was just up to me to close- they did not disappoint! I love the innovation and the cutting edge their program provides.  My only regret is not working with Jack and Judy sooner!  I am now connected to hundreds of my dream clients that I could never have attained on my own by cold calling and emailing.  Compete has made me a “trusted advisor” in my industry and  I’m busier than ever, but now with revenue generating activity.  I figured if I got 1 new client it would be more than worth it, and it has greatly exceeded our expectations!   I highly recommend this organization, this is a game changer!” Carolyn Spicer

President , McDermott Ventures



We get through your top of the funnel leads and provide you with prospects who want to talk to you, using the most effective tool for B2B sales – LinkedIn. We provide you with the meetings that you could only dream of. Click to learn how.


How many clients can you handle? How many meetings can you take? What are these meetings worth to you? What is your budget? These are the questions you need to answer, and this page will give you the information you need to make the decisions. How big do you want to grow your business.


Grow your business, that’s the idea. This is where we answer your questions. We’ll get you connections, nurture your leads and get you the meetings you want on a consistant schedule. Then you close the deals like you know you can.

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The Free 90 Day B2B Revenue Blitz Blueprint shows you every step it takes to take your B2B company from wondering where your next client or customer is coming from, to having more appointments than your calendar can handle.


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