This is how we grow your business

We take care of the heavy lifting and get you leads and appointments on a regular basis so you can do what you do best!

  • We get to know you, your business, and your goals, to determine what type of clients you need to help you grow.
  • We help you decide if our program will even be able to help you. We go over the process, the cost, your participation, and the deliverables. Honestly, this isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, it will change your business forever.
  • If it is for you, we’ll see where you stand currently on LinkedIn and some of the other tools we’ll be using, then we’ll help you finish the foundation  pre-work so we’ll be ready to go.
  • We’ll help you specifically define your customer avatar so our prospecting will be laser focused and niched down as low as possible. The leads we will provide will be the perfect customers to grow your business.




  • We’ll plant the seeds in your authority group to establish a solid setting where you can share information, respond to questions, and drive the conversation, all the while building your authority in the space.
  • We’ll start the connection blitz to rapidly build your database. It is important we get connected to as many prospects as possible in the beginning in order to prime our lead/appointment generating process. From the initial contact to implement our process of 6-10 touches will require 6-8 weeks, and appointments will occur in 6-10 weeks. So you can see why we need to prime as many contacts initially as possible.
  • With that up-front foundation work, the result will be steady, weekly leads and appointments who have been touched 6-10 times, and who know, like, and trust you. They are ready to talk.


  • Must be determined to have a minimum of 10-50k of leads after we drill down your LinkedIn niche
  • Your customer avatar must be a niche, not a general list of everyone out there
  • You must be a B to B business
  • You should be able to accommodate a  national or regional client base


  • We want to provide you with as many leads and appointments as you can handle
  • It does not make sense to give you more than you can handle – that’s just a waste
  • Make sure you have the infrastructure in place to grow
  • You must be responsive to inquiries and appointment requests – BE READY


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